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Do you love BBQ and are you ready to start and grow your own BBQ Experience Center? We need to talk!

A tradition as old as the history of fire and one that is still very much alive today: cooking a meal outdoors and sharing it with loved ones. Not only does that entail delicious dishes made with the labour of love, but it is also all about enjoying each other’s company!

The BBQ Experience Center brings people together and makes sure they share amazing moments and fond memories. We are there to inspire; to ensure people have the right skills - with the best products that make outdoor cooking such a great adventure.

The BBQ Experience Center has become a great success in the Netherlands. That means it is high time for other countries to share in the fun experience of this concept - will you be the entrepreneur to help us to that next level?

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light the fire

Our secret? It is all about the customer's experience. We make it our personal quest to get customers excited; to share our know-how to better their skills for more mouth-watering dishes.

And what better way to do all of that than making full use of our showroom, webshop and our very own workshops and cooking classes. This blended concept covers retail, restaurant, education and e-commerce, supported by a sophisticated marketing strategy.

As a franchisee, you will soon find that a happy customer is the quickest way to boost sales - and the most fun way, too! We are there to support you wherever we can, but there is certainly room for your own ideas and market know-how of your country. Success is our joint effort!

High quality products

Our restaurant background means we know just the right products for outdoor cooking. Any goods we choose to sell are fully endorsed by ourselves. It goes without saying that the purchasing advantages benefit us all together. We also develop products ourselves and carry our own brand, Smokin' Flavours.

Unique location,
unique experience

The BBQ Experience Center in the Netherlands is located in an old gin factory. In Belgium it's in an atmospheric old dairy factory. This industrial backdrop makes for a unique, rugged look. You are most likely to find similar locations in your area as well - but we can certainly also discuss a shop-in-shop location with the right vibe and interior. Already run a BBQ shop and interested in joining the concept? You most certainly can!

& inspiration

The weekends will be spent providing workshops to improve people's barbeque skills. No worries, these workshops are developed by ourselves. It is probably the tastiest and most fun form of education you can think of. By the way, the workshops are a revenue model in themselves. Not to mention the fact that they attract extra traffic to the shop.

Our customers love quality, want honest advice and like to be inspired. That is exactly the focus of our marketing and communication. We will provide recipes, events, web videos and articles for you to use as well. But your passion is vital, of course.

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& marketing

The BBQ Experience Center is a tried-and-tested concept. We have recorded our market and customer know-how in clear working methods, training modules and manuals. You can also count on our support for (online) marketing, e-commerce, and systems for warehouse management.

THE CUSTOMER loves bbq, cooking and food. always looking for quality, good advice and inspiration. they feel right at home with us.

it's a

There is no such thing as a successful franchise model collaboration without clear agreements and conditions. But above all else, we value collaborating with the right kind of entrepreneur: an entrepreneur like us.

Someone driven, looking to get the absolute best out of themselves every day; someone who loves cooking and good food; and most importantly, someone who loves making people enjoy themselves. Our aim is to expand and improve our concept through franchising. And that definitely requires your valuable input.

We are open to all kinds of collaborations. We currently only offer the franchise formula outside the Benelux. Within the Benelux we are looking for shop managers to participate in our own branches. Leave your details and we'll be happy to contact you.